We're Taking a Break

Cheryl Roberts / Nov 23rd, 2022
The Greenburger Center is pushing pause and taking a break from Twitter.

From Sexual Health to Sexual Harm (Weekly Zoom Series starting 9/9/22)

Staff / Aug 8th, 2022
From Sexual Health to Sexual Harm is an 8-Part, weekly zoom series presented by the Greenburger Center for Social and Criminal Justice which will explore what happens when sexual behaviors become nonconsensual and ultimately cause harm. The series will begin on September 9th with a conversation by renowned sexual health experts who will define sexual health, discuss why sex is a social justice issue and begin to help us understand when, how and why sexual health can be eroded. In subsequent panels we'll talk about sex addictions, compulsions, atypical sexual interests and paraphilic disorders, then explore how people living with autism end up in the criminal justice system. In our last three panel discussion our experts will discuss what happens when someone is accused, convicted or incarcerated for a sex crime and we will hear what survivors of sexual abuse and assault and those accused or convicted of sex crimes think can be done to keep us all safe and in good sexual health.

Roberts NYDN Op Ed on Gov's 10 Point Plan

Cheryl Roberts / Mar 26th, 2022
"Without question, more must be done to address these concerns and help people who are homeless or unsheltered, living with untreated mental illness or dying from gun violence, but bail reform is neither the cause of these ills, nor the solution. Yet it has become a potent cudgel for Hochul's gubernatorial challengers or would-be challengers and their funders, in their efforts to outflank New York's first female governor. Understanding that fear can motivate voters, her detractors have tried to portray Hochul as weak. She is not." Cheryl Roberts

JOIN US! NYC Defenders talk about Bail Reform & Decriminalizing Mental Illness March 28th via zoom!

Cheryl Roberts / Mar 26th, 2022
Join us! March 28th from 12:00 - 1:00 (EST) via zoom when we present NYC's Defenders in conversation about bail reform and decriminalizing mental illness.
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