NYDN Op Ed on Daniel Prude by Cheryl Roberts

Cheryl Roberts / Sep 15th, 2020
"To be sure, police need more training and accountability, but they also need to not be our first responders to mental health crises. People like Daniel Prude deserve full access to unbiased mental health treatment. We don’t know precisely what type of care he received, but the odds are, he didn’t get what he needed."

In Memory of Mental Health Advocate DJ Jaffe

Cheryl Roberts / Aug 25th, 2020
DJ was unapologetic, unbossed, unfazed, financially unbeholden, and could have cared less about his standing with any politician or group that did not share his singular goal: to secure treatment for people living with serious, untreated mental illness.

NYDN Op Ed by Natalie Diaz: The weight we carry: A black woman’s lament on the state of the nation

Staff / Jun 5th, 2020
"To my fellow African-Americans who may be feeling a heavy burden right now, a weight, a sadness, anger: I see your humanity, your resilience, and you are beautiful. Protect your peace, cultivate black joy, and choose how you want to live in this world."

AMNY Op Ed by Francis Greenburger and Cheryl Roberts: Is There Any Justice Left in America?

Staff / Jun 1st, 2020
As riots rage across the nation, it may be tempting for some, or expedient for the President, to rail against the rioters and to view these events as a failure of the rule of law. We don't agree.
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