Greenburger Center Helps with Hurricane Relief to Anguilla

/ Sep 20th, 2017

Basketball Star and Attorney Len Elmore Joins Board of Advisors and Calls for Change in the NYDN

Staff / Sep 4th, 2017
Len Elmore joined forces with the Greenburger Center because he knows firsthand about mental illness, substance use disorders and the criminal justice system. His two older brothers died from drug use and his father was murdered by Marvin Penick, a man with mental illness and a co-occuring drug addiction who was released from prison on a violent assault charge without having received treatment.

Mothering a Child with Mental Illness

Staff / Oct 19th, 2017
Liz Tobias is a mother, life long democrat, and liberal who understands the importance of civil liberties, but when it comes to her son, she thinks "having your rights without your mind is like not having any rights at all."

Final Reminder for Oct 3rd & 4th!

Staff / Sep 26th, 2017
2 Conferences on Innovations in Jail Diversion Programs & Closing in on Closing Rikers
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