June 25th After Rikers Panel Discussion Video Now Available

Staff / Jun 27th, 2019
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On June 25th, the Greenburger Center hosted the second program in a three part series called After Rikers.  This second installment focused on new developments in diversion and re-direction programs to help people living with serious mental illness either avoid the criminal justice system or access diversion and alternative to incarceration programs once in the criminal justice system. We were honored to have the following distinguished panelists help us explore these issues:

  • The Honorable Nancy Barto, Arizona State House Representative
  • The Honorable Matthew D'Emic, Administrative Judge for Criminal Matters in Kings County Supreme Court, and Presiding Judge of Brooklyn Mental Health Court
  • DJ Jaffe, Director and Founder Mental Illness Policy Org and author of Insane Consequences: How the Mental Health Industry Fails the Mentally Ill
  • The Honorable Judge Steven Leifman, County Judge, Miami-Dade, Florida Vincent Schiraldi, Senior Research Scientist, Columbia School of Social Work, Co-Director of the Columbia Justice Lab

If you missed the program, you can watch it here.

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