I Will Wear Purple

Cheryl Roberts / Jan 5th, 2017
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I will wear purple on Inauguration Day.

And I will wear something purple on the next day and the day after, to remind me of what we have lost and stand to lose: tolerance, free speech, freedom of religion, civil rights, reproductive freedom, environmental sustainability, and
freedom from foreign control...

to remind me that the means are as important as the ends, because acts of hatred, division, lying, bullying, aggression, and intimidation are not normal and can produce no good end...

to express a continuing commitment to uphold the principles that are fundamental to our freedoms, no matter who our country's leaders are or what policies they pursue.

Join me.

Want to do More?

  • Share this post
  • Change your FB and other Social Media Account Photos to Purple
  • Join a Local Action Group Through Indivisible or Start One
  • Stay Informed and Don't Lose HOPE
  • Wear Something Purple: earrings, ties, shoes, socks, sunglasses, lapel pins, scarves, sweaters...you get the idea, now go - put on something Purple!

Why Purple? The color purple has many historic, cultural, religious and secular connotations. For example, during the 19th Century, purple was associated with the women's suffrage movement and today, it remains the color representative of the International Women's Day movement. Purple also stands for wisdom, dignity, independence and creativity, all important principles necessary to advance the causes of social, economic, environmental and criminal justice.

About the Author
Cheryl Roberts
[email protected]

Cheryl Roberts is an attorney and former local judge from Columbia County, New York. Early in her career she served as a counsel to committees in both the US House of Representatives and the US Senate. Ms. Roberts has been a speech writer and lobbyist and most recently served as Corporation Counsel for the City of Hudson, New York.